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DBS started with the desire to create great burgers at home. As a child, I loved when my father and I would stop by a burger joint from a great burger instead of the typical fast food that we're all so accustomed to. We tried to take our favorite flavors and styles and combine them to create our own signature flavors. Once we settled on a few different flavors, we thought we'd share them with friends and family for feedback. All that was left was to take the plunge.

The truck pictured was purchased for $1200 in North Bend, OR. It was here, on the Oregon coast, in the middle of a pandemic that DBS was born. Our daughter designed the logo, a friend painted the truck, and we built it into a kitchen ourselves.

A few months passed, and we decided to move back home to Kansas City. Seven short weeks into our career in KC, the engine blew in our little food truck. While it was a major setback, we were already aware that the tiny blue truck wasn't going to cut it if we wanted to cook for the masses.

We immediately went to work on a new truck. It took just 11 days to find the next rig and get it back to KC from Dallas, TX. We spent nearly every day for the next two months building our new dream truck. We reopened November 3, 2021. We ran our truck in the bitter cold of winter, and not wanting to relive another summer without A/C (it was sometimes 140 degrees in the little blue one) made the leap from truck to brick & mortar.

Our restaurant officially opened August 23, 2022. We are a family owned and operated business in the heart of the Northland. We do our best to create and serve the finest burgers and hand-made onion rings available. If we can make it, we do, and the only thing EVER frozen inside a DBS are the fries and tots. Our beef is fresh, never frozen ground chuck. We use humanely slaughtered, certified Black Angus beef, and our buns come from Roma bakery. Most of our sauces are made in house.

We thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and we hope to see you in our little shop sooner than later! See ya soon!

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