Pita Delite

Mediterranean restaurant

About Pita Delite

Pita Delite started serving fresh and healthy Lebanese food in 1987. The original location on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina continues to be successful today. Other Pita Delite restaurants opened in response to demand from customers.


Pita Delite Inc. is owned and operated by Kamal Dergham. Kamal is a familiar face, and he is often seen talking to customers in the dining room. He is passionate about providing delicious food and treating customers like family. Kamal developed Pita Delite’s exclusive menu to bring the taste of Lebanon to his beloved customers.


At Pita Delite, the secret to our delicious and healthy food is the way we choose and cook only the freshest ingredients. Our commitment to quality, cleanliness and customer service has generated legions of loyal customers.


Customers can bring their Pita Delite favorites home with party trays and our homemade sauces. Our cucumber sauce or chicken salad is perfect for entertaining at home. Pick up a bottle of our homemade House Dressing or Fajita Sauce from any Pita Delite location.


Customers are greeted with an enthusiastic ‘hello’ when they walk through the door. Our employees say ‘have a nice day’ when satisfied customers leave.

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