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About Wheat Penny Oven & Bar

Wheat Penny Oven and Bar is a very personal, homemade restaurant that expresses all we’ve learned, what we like to eat and drink, what we are excited about, and what we think you’ll really like.

People ask us all the time, what kind of pizza is it? For us it’s hard to pin down with a label. It is definitely American-style. Neither of us has even been to Italy. It is deliberately not wood-fired pizza. We cook it in a big, hot Baker’s Pride deck oven. The dough is allowed to develop a minimum of 48 hours before being shaped. Once baked, the crust sports a large char-pocked cornice that has big, chewy air pockets and is firmly crisp on the bottom. Italian-style pizza tends to be more sparsely topped; ours is a little more cheesy, saucy and juicy, but only a little more. Our pies are made with a strong ethic regarding balance of ingredients–no double cheese or meat lover’s overload. Our toppings don’t generally go on raw; we cook and season each ingredient for maximum texture and flavor. Each pizza’s cornice gets a swipe of extra virgin olive oil half-way through baking. Every pizza is garnished before being cut, with coarse salt or fried garlic or snipped herbs or ground cheese or a scraping of lemon zest, whatever is appropriate to the pie.

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