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"Some people admire success; others achieve it." 

     And that is just what Emily Wood Vargo was born to be - successful. Her entrepreneurial spirit sprouted at the early age of 5, when she started making juice for her neighborhood in Spartanburg, S.C.. That’s right, at fiveyears old, Emily, the owner of Health in Hand, started her very first business!

     At $0.50 a pop, she began to capitalize on the thirst of her neighbors. She set up shop on her street corner and served them freshly squeezed nectar daily. Her business ownership didn’t stop there, either. The taste of serving people was as sweet as the lemonade she was making, so she spread her wings and started to serve people in other ways. She began to house sit when her neighbors were out of town. This included, holding down the fort, watering the plants, and making sure the families' fur babies were well taken care of. It was more responsibility than most young people can handle, yet Emily handled it with ease and was trusted by every household on her block.

    After traveling through the beautiful country of Spain for over a month, Emily came back to the states with a breath of fresh air and a new perspective on life. Less than 24 hours after her college graduation, Emily relocated to West Palm Beach with her husband, Mason. She had her sights set on adventure and relaxation after years of hard work to get her through school. Seven sunshine-filled months later, Emily and Mason returned to her hometown of Spartanburg, SC. Settling into adulthood and working in an office, she began to realize that sitting behind a computer screen would never fulfill her which sparked an enterprising idea.

   At 23, Emily entered and won Spartanburg’s Main Street Challenge with the ambition to meet a need for accessible, healthy food in her community. This dedication earned her a $12,000 grant, giving her the fuel she needed to open Health in Hand. Now the owner of Spartanburg county’s only cold-pressed juice bar you’ll catch her in the store brainstorming new recipes and serving fresh, healthy smoothies and cold-pressed juices!

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