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I couldn’t be more excited to share a little bit about myself and my love of fresh, “real” food with you. 

After getting married in 2017 I left NYC and made the move back to Columbia, where I was actually born. However, where I really came to understand the importance of eating “real” whole foods was during my 5 years living in NYC. There I worked as a full-time trainer at SLT (megaformer studio) and dabbled in broadcast news & lifestyle modeling. In both industries, true health, not just being thin, mattered. It brought me so much joy to help people understand the power of “eating the rainbow” and the positive impact it can have on their life, both mental and physical.

In September 2018 the storefront Tasty As Fit was born. This is where I will continue to create, learn, and serve those locally. It has been an absolute dream being able to live out my passions and call it “work.” I truly believe once you teach your body to love real food it will not crave much else, and that is what I love helping people discover most!

We recently opened our second location in Greenville, SC and are overjoyed by the community's warm welcome.

Though the recipes you discover throughout the website are plant-based, we like to win over ALL eaters.

Grab a snack and dive in; I hope you stay a while.

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