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About Omari's Music Bar & Agave Lounge

Our concept offers a luxury dining experience combined with music, elevated arts, and crafted agave cocktails and mocktails, all curated to provide a journey through flavors and continents. Chef Kay, a native of Washington, DC, is the mastermind behind this culinary adventure.

Omari Taylor, a music extraordinaire with a rich background in the arts, teamed up with Chef Kay in 2018 to bring their shared vision to life. In 2022, they joined forces with Sam Trejo, the founder of Agave Corporation, to establish the Agave Lounge concept.

We are thrilled to introduce this unique dining experience where Chef Kay's creations are infused with agave, sourced from sustainable farms, and complemented by locally sourced herbs and unique flowers. Our menu is a testament to Chef Kay's culinary expertise, offering signature dishes and small-batch crafted cocktails or mocktails to enhance your evening.

At Agave Lounge, everything, from our sauces to our specialty dishes, is infused with agave, promising a truly immersive dining experience unlike any other.

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