Meet The America’s Best Restaurants Team

Matt Plapp

Matt Plapp is the CEO of America’s Best Restaurants. He started his digital marketing journey back in 2008 helping restaurant owners increase their profits by attracting the attention of their customers every week.

Matt has a passion for helping people build successful businesses that bring smiles to the community. One of Matt’s favorite foods is Buffalo Wings, and he also loves CrossFit!

The Crew That Help Independent Restaurant Owners Survive & Thrive

Doug Smith


Doug Smith used to do college sports radio play-by-play. But now, he helps independent restaurant owners survive AND thrive! These restaurants pay their house mortgage, support the community, and provide people with jobs, so watching them succeed is way more than just a job for Doug.

Ashley Mullins

Director Of Operations

Ashley Mullins is originally from Dayton, KY but now lives in Highland Heights. She has been with ABR since 2011. Fun fact: when she was 13, Ashley was a USA Student Ambassador and went to Australia! If Ashley were to be an animal, she would be a powerful, self-confident, elegant tiger.

Scott Douglas

Senior Success Coach

Scott Douglas was born and raised in North York, Canada and joined ABR in 2021. Scott loves his job because he has the opportunity to meet new people, learn about their businesses, and help them thrive. If Scott had one superpower it would be flying - Superman flying, not seagull flying!

Tom Mosher

Director Of Technology

Tom Mosher joined America’s Best Restaurants in 2019. He was born and raised in Erlanger, KY and currently lives in Florence, KY. His favorite food is pizza. One of Tom’s favorite memories with ABR was heading out to San Diego for Traffic & Conversions with Matt and David.

Mark Lester

Account Analyst Manager

Mark Lester joined ABR in 2017. Mark is our go-to guy for ad costs and account analysis - he makes sure we’re getting the most for our money! He loves his job because he gets to work many places and provide important services to the community. Mark loves to ski and play golf.

Dawn Davis

Office Administrator

Dawn Davis joined America’s Best Restaurants in 2022. She grew up in Cincinnati and now lives in Falmouth, KY. A lifelong Bengals fan, she has been married 17 years and has eight grandchildren! A fun fact about Dawn is that she has bungee jumped, so it’s no surprise if she could have a superpower, she’d choose flying!

Brooke Berry

Success Coach

Brooke grew up in Union, KY and now lives in Highland Heights KY. She recently graduated from NKU with a marketing degree and was marketing director for a local beverage company before coming to ABR. A fun fact about her is that she has been skydiving! She also loves to run, and since she’s finished two half marathons, she’s set her sights on doing a full one!

Daryl Perry

Success Coach

Daryl, a true food enthusiast hailing from Union, Kentucky, has an undying love for chicken sandwiches, pizza, and nachos. His passion for these mouthwatering dishes fuels his desire to explore the culinary scene in his hometown and beyond. Dedicating himself to helping incredible restaurants share their unique stories, Daryl brings their flavorful journeys to life through engaging narratives and captivating content.

Chad Riegler

Success Coach

Chad is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast who finds joy in golfing and exploring the great outdoors. His love for adventure has led him to create unforgettable memories, like hiking The Crouching Lion in Hawaii alongside his beloved wife. Through his passion for life's thrilling experiences, Chad inspires others to embrace the beauty of nature and cherish every moment spent in the world's most breathtaking landscapes.

Lisa Bailey

Content Specialist

Lisa Bailey joined America’s Best Restaurants in 2020. Her kids tell people, “Mom helps restaurants get famous on Facebook.” She enjoys helping clients achieve their goals with engaging online content! Her favorite hobby is watching her kids play sports! Lisa’s favorite part of working with ABR is the video shoots.

Deb Clark

Graphic Artist & Ad Specialist

Deb joined the ABR team in 2021. Deb loves her job because it allows her to be creative and use her imagination. If she were to describe her job to a five year old, Deb would say “I make pretty pictures on a computer.” Her favorite hobby is going to concerts with friends.

Dexter Morgan

Success Coach & Bot Builder

Dexter Morgan joined ABR in 2020. He was born in New Bedford, MA and now lives in Newport News, VA. Dexter loves his job and seeing his clients succeed. If he had one superpower it would be flying, because travel would be limitless. His favorite memory with ABR is meeting everyone in person while visiting Cincinnati.

Rebecca Jones

Graphic Artist

Rebecca grew up in Cincinnati and still lives there today! She has been a graphic designer for 27 years. She loves apocalypse novels, seafood, and hiking national forests! She’s also a Reiki Master and Spiritual life coach who can paint upside-down!

Shaheen Kazemi

Senior Marketing Specialist

Shaheen brings a wealth of experience to America's Best Restaurants, having been a successful restaurant owner for 27 years. When he's not helping independent restaurant owners thrive, you can find him enjoying a soccer game or sharing a delightful meal with friends. His passion for the culinary world and dedication to supporting others in the industry make Shaheen an invaluable member of the America's Best Restaurants family.

Staci Leiker

Senior Marketing Specialist

Staci, a Miami native, grew up with a passion for roller skating and an insatiable love for pizza. As a true Floridian, she embraces the sunshine and can often be found whizzing through the streets on her skates. If you're ever in need of a fun and energetic skating buddy, Staci is your go-to girl!

Robin Walls

Marketing Specialist

Robin is a talented musician who, in his free time, enjoys playing multiple instruments and exploring diverse genres. At work, he dedicates himself to helping local restaurants, using his creative skills to draw in patrons and enliven their dining experiences. A true dessert aficionado, Robin's ultimate pleasure lies in indulging in a delectable slice of pumpkin pie.

Eloisa Ignacio

Content Distributor

Eloisa Ignacio is from the Philippines, and she joined ABR in 2020. She loves playing games because she’s very competitive and wants to win! She loves working with us because it helps her grow and learn how to engage with the community. Eloisa is so fun, and always excited to help wherever she can.

Rechene Centurias

Content Distributor

Rechene Centurias joined ABR in 2018. Born and raised in Gingoog City, Philippines, Rechene loves her job because she enjoys working with clients and watching the company gain popularity and success. If she had a superpower it would be invisibility so that she could travel anywhere without being seen.