Meet The America’s Best Restaurants Team

Matt Plapp

Matt Plapp is the CEO of America’s Best Restaurants. He started his digital marketing journey back in 2008 helping restaurant owners increase their profits by attracting the attention of their customers every week.

Matt has a passion for helping people build successful businesses that bring smiles to the community. One of Matt’s favorite foods is Buffalo Wings, and he also loves CrossFit!

Deep Work Studios - Our In-House Marketing & Storytelling Team

David Schlotter

Director Of Marketing

David Schlotter is a young man with an old soul. He loves telling restaurant owners’ stories through America’s Best Restaurants. His favorite memory was hitting the Vegas strip with the ABR team! When David isn’t traveling, he enjoys spending time with his family and eating his favorite food: prime rib.

Peter Glenn

Brand Manager

Peter, widely recognized as "Matt Plapp" on social media, boasts an impressive 18-year snowboarding journey that reflects his adventurous spirit. His dream superpower, flying, stems from a desire to escape the frustrations of being an impatient driver. With a magnetic personality and passion for thrilling experiences, Peter is an asset of the America’s Best Restaurants team!

Maxwell Brummer

Creative Manager

Max is a sushi enthusiast with a passion for exploring the great outdoors, often embarking on memorable camping trips to Red River Gorge. His adventurous spirit is matched by his playful nature, as he enjoys capturing lighthearted moments in the office. You'll often catch Max behind the camera, filming Matt's amusing defeats in their ongoing ping pong rivalry.

Conner Irwin

Content Creator

Conner is a food lover with a penchant for Chicken Alfredo and an irresistible craving for chocolate lava cake. As a passionate music producer, he spends his leisure time crafting unique soundscapes that resonate with listeners. Cherishing his family's annual vacation to Florida, Conner holds these sun-soaked memories close to his heart as a source of inspiration and joy.

Andrew King

Web Developer

Andrew King is originally from St.John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, and still lives there today. Andrew has been a full time entrepreneur since the ripe age of 20. He loves that he can build web solutions for clients quickly and efficiently just like the site you’re on right now! Andrew enjoys sports such as ice hockey and golf.